Helende Mandala's van Henny Aleida Hendriks

Something about me.
I was born on the 19th of March 1938 in the most beautiful village in the Netherlands, Laag-Soeren, as the second of three children. Our life was not boring and mine never got boring afterwards. On the contrary,  I experience it as exciting to this very day.

From my seventh year onwards there was a piano in the house and I was taught to play. Alongside other artistic aspirations, and enjoying nature, making music was my favorite occupation.
I never finished my teacher-training  college, I was 19 years old, fell in love and got married. My husband and I dreamed of a big happy family. We moved to Amsterdam and our four sons were born there. For 19 years I devoted most time and attention to my family, after which we divorced.

I decided to turn my hobby into my profession and  enrolled at the academy  of music-teaching in Alkmaar. I got a degree as music/piano teacher when I was 45, with excellent marks.  By that time, having had to take care of our four teenagers, and  having spent a lot of time on my studies,  all these efforts resulted in physical problems, such as tuberculosis and rheumatism.  I had invested everything in being independent and earning my own living with my hobby.
In due time I realized what I could learn from this situation. "Above" they had new directions for me. I turned my back on allopathic medicine and took responsibility for my own life. I got acquainted with the book "The Meaning of  Illness"  by Detlefsen and "You can heal your life" by Louise Hay.
I attended many courses and workshops in the field of spirituality for the purpose of my spiritual development and healing abilities.

Until I married Johan Keijser in 1993, giving piano lessons gave me great pleasure , despite my physical limitations.

Then I started drawing mandalas and was taught by Greetje Molenaar. It was a marvellous journey of discovery. Drawing mandalas gave me  great satisfaction and is still a source of inspiration.
Johan and I became interested in the phenomenon of crop circles. For me it is an unusual experience converting crop circles into mandala drawings.
Together with the U.S. medium Judith Moore  my husband Johan  has written several books on crop circles both in Dutch and in English before his passing away on 03-09-2009.
In the spring of  2010, their book "Working with Crop Circle Codes” was published.

My mandala work
My mandalas are experienced by many  as having  a healing  effect. I was encouraged to exhibit them  to a wider audience in specific venues such as conference areas or places where there is a need  for harmony and healing. Here the energetic vibration of the mandalas help to (re)experience the heart-force. Diseased children can, by looking at and playing with them, become more relaxed and happier.
There are therapists using my mandalas for that reason in their practice.
My birth mandalas are popular as a maternity gift.

Giving mandala drawing lessons.
I enjoy giving mandala lessons in small groups. .I love seeing students getting to know their own qualities and limitations, accepting and valuing this to get to a higher level of self-appreciation.

Even those who feel they have no talent for drawing are often pleasantly surprised by their achievements..
It is also a very relaxing activity for young and old.

I hope that my mandalas, and  my teaching people to boost their  spiritual development may contribute to the happiness of all.